Sound advice for the Best Tourist Circuits all over Corsica

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Tips for the Best Tourist Tours in Corsica

Corsica, an island of beauty, is a destination of choice for those seeking breathtaking landscapes, a rich cultural heritage and delicious gastronomy. If you are planning a trip to this region, it is important to know the best tourist routes in Corsica to make the most of your stay. In this article, we will provide you with advice on the essential steps to do in Corsica.

I. Discover the city of Ajaccio

Start your Corsican tourist circuit with the capital of the island, Ajaccio. It is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and a place steeped in history. Do not miss a visit to the Maison Bonaparte, the Fesch Museum, and of course, stroll through the markets to discover the local flavors. Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, is full of exciting activities. Visit the charming town center with its cafes, shops and local markets. For a dose of nature, the nature reserve of the Sanguinaires Islands offers a magnificent hike with a panoramic view of the sea. At the end of the day, enjoy an artisanal ice cream on the port while watching the sunset.

II. Marvel in the Calanches de Piana

Your next stop on this Corsican sightseeing tour should be the UNESCO-listed Calanches de Piana. It is a natural spectacle of great beauty with its red granite rocks plunging into the sea. Do not hesitate to take the hiking trails to have a panoramic view.

III. Explore the Scandola Nature Reserve

Continue your tour through the Scandola Nature Reserve, also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accessible only by sea, this reserve is a paradise for nature lovers. You will see an exceptional fauna and flora, including some species endemic to Corsica.

IV. Visit Bastia and its old port

Continue your Corsican tourist circuit by going to Bastia, a city full of charm with its old port, its picturesque streets and its citadel. Do not miss to taste the local gastronomy in one of the many restaurants of the old port.

V. Hiking in the Regional Natural Park of Corsica

If you love hiking, the next stop on your Corsican sightseeing tour should be the Corsica Regional Nature Park. It is a real paradise for hikers with the famous GR20, one of the most difficult long-distance hiking trails in Europe.

VI. Discover Bonifacio and its cliffs

Continue your Corsica circuit with a visit to Bonifacio, located at the extreme south of the island. The city is famous for its impressive white cliffs and medieval old town. A boat ride to explore the sea caves is also not to be missed.

VII. Calvi: the city of the Corsairs

The beautiful town of Calvi, on the northwest coast of Corsica, is another unmissable stop. Besides its imposing citadel, the city is famous for its lively port and its fine sandy beaches. Music lovers will also enjoy the jazz festival held here every summer. Calvi offers a variety of activities for all tastes. Explore the historic citadel, with its narrow streets and breathtaking viewpoints, then enjoy Calvi’s fine sandy beach for a refreshing swim. Adventure seekers can try their hand at scuba diving or sea kayaking, while hiking enthusiasts can take advantage of the many surrounding trails such as Pointe de la Revelatta or Notre Dame de la Serra.

VIII. Île Rousse: a pearl of Balagne

Your sightseeing tour of Corsica would not be complete without a visit to Ile Rousse. This charming seaside town is known for its palm-lined central square, quaint streets and covered market. For a breathtaking view, climb up to the Pietra lighthouse.

IX. Cap Corse: the wild tip

Cap Corse, a peninsula 40 kilometers north of the island, is a region of wild beauty. With its rocky coasts, its small perched villages and its terraced vineyards, it is a stage not to be missed. Be sure to visit the picturesque port of Centuri.

X. Porto-Vecchio: the city of salt

Porto-Vecchio, the third largest city in Corsica, is famous for its medieval citadel and its fine sandy beaches. Take the time to stroll through the old town, explore the marina and enjoy the famous beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia. Porto-Vecchio is known for its lively nightlife. Spend the day lazing on Palombaggia Beach or exploring the crystal clear waters of Santa Giulia Beach on a paddleboard or snorkel. In the evening, enjoy a meal of fresh seafood in one of the many restaurants in the port, then dance until dawn in one of the city’s famous nightclubs.

XI. Propriano: the jewel of Valinco

Also make a stop at Propriano, a charming marina located in the Gulf of Valinco. You will appreciate its pretty beach, its many seafood restaurants and its proximity to the megalithic site of Filitosa. It is the ideal place to relax after a busy tourist circuit in Corsica.

XII. Porto: the jewel of the west coast

Porto is a charming fishing village on the west coast of Corsica, known for its spectacular sea views and its proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Scandola Nature Reserve. The Calanques de Piana, with their spectacular rock formations, are also a must visit.

XIII. Saint-Florent: the “little Saint-Tropez”

Saint-Florent, often nicknamed the “little Saint-Tropez”, is another jewel of Corsica. Located on the northwest coast of the island, this charming town has a pretty marina, a picturesque old town and wonderful beaches, including the famous Lotu beach, accessible only by boat or by a hiking trail.

XIV. Sartène: the most Corsican of Corsican towns

Above all, don’t miss Sartène, often described as “the most Corsican of Corsican towns”. Perched on a hill in the south of the island, this historic city is known for its winding streets, its stone houses and its lively central square. The Museum of Prehistory of Corsica and the Mediterranean is also a must for history buffs as well as the famous Catenacciu.

Planning a tourist circuit in Corsica allows you to discover the many facets of this magnificent island. From the historic city of Ajaccio to the impressive cliffs of Bonifacio, passing through the nature reserves and the regional park, each stage offers a new opportunity for wonder. Don’t wait any longer, pack your suitcase and embark on the sightseeing tour of your dreams!