The 3 Wonders to Discover in Haute Corse: An Invitation to Travel

Les 3 Merveilles à Découvrir en Haute Corse : Une Invitation au Voyage

Haute Corse, a majestic region, is a real treasure of the Mediterranean. Its breathtaking landscapes, ranging from vertiginous mountains to the turquoise waters of the sea, captivate the imagination and invite adventure. It is difficult to choose among so many marvels, but we are going to show you three unmissable gems of Haute Corse.

The Agriates Desert: A Unique Landscape in Upper Corsica

First marvel of our journey in Haute Corse, the Agriates desert. It is not a desert in the usual sense of the term. It is a wild expanse of maquis and rocks, stretching over more than 15,000 hectares. Its arid appearance contrasts with the dream beaches it hides, such as Saleccia, a true paradise on earth. An idyllic place to discover during your stay in Haute Corse.

Saleccia Beach: An Eden in Upper Corsica

Saleccia beach, located in the heart of the Agriates desert in Haute Corse, is a natural setting. This white sand beach, bordered by a turquoise sea and a fragrant maquis, is a real paradise. Accessible by a track or by boat, it offers a total change of scenery and absolute tranquillity. In Haute Corse, Saleccia beach is the ideal place to escape and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Cap Corse: a Point of Beauty and Authenticity

Second jewel of Haute Corse, Cap Corse, this rocky outcrop which juts proudly into the Tyrrhenian Sea. This peninsula offers a diversity of remarkable landscapes: steep cliffs, isolated beaches, picturesque seascapes and mountains covered with maquis. The perched villages, such as Nonza or Centuri, reveal breathtaking panoramas. Cap Corse is an ode to nature, culture and the heritage of Haute Corse.

The Cap Corse Beaches: A Paradise of Sand and Turquoise Water

The beaches of Cap Corse are an undisputed marvel of Haute Corse. Lined with maquis, they are distinguished by their clear waters and tranquility. From Farinole beach to Barcaggio beach, each beach offers a unique experience, between fine sand, polished pebbles and breathtaking views of the horizon. Cap Corse, with its discreet and preserved beaches, is a real haven of peace for lovers of idleness and swimming in Haute Corse.

Barcaggio Beach: The Hidden Gem of Cap Corse

Nestled at the northern end of the island, Barcaggio beach in Haute Corse is a hidden treasure of fine sand and crystal clear waters. The mildness of its climate and the natural beauty of its landscapes, between azure blue sea and green hills, make it an essential place to relax. It is reached after a winding road through the maquis, rewarded by the view of the Giraglia archipelago. The isolation and wild beauty of this beach make it a true oasis of peace in Haute Corse. In summer, it is not uncommon to observe dolphins playing offshore. Barcaggio beach is a real promise of escape and serenity.

Camping Isulottu in Centuri: An Enchanted Parenthesis in Haute Corse

Located in the heart of Cap Corse, Camping Isulottu in Centuri is a true invitation to escape and discover Haute Corse. By the sea, this family campsite offers pitches and facilities that blend harmoniously into the surrounding natural landscape. The centuries-old olive trees, the fragrant maquis and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean make this place a real haven of peace.

At Camping Isulottu, we favor hospitality and comfort, with services designed for relaxed holidays: restaurant with local cuisine, playground, direct access to the beach… The proximity of the picturesque port of Centuri, known for its lobster, is another asset for holidaymakers in search of flavors and discoveries.

It is here, in this idyllic setting, that one comes to relax, rocked by the song of the cicadas and the lapping of the waves. Camping Isulottu in Centuri is undoubtedly a destination of choice for those wishing to discover Haute Corse in all its splendour.

The Scandola Nature Reserve: A Sanctuary of Biodiversity in Haute Corse

Our third wonder of Haute Corse is the Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This exceptional site, accessible only by boat, reveals impressive volcanic rock formations, crystal clear waters and exceptional marine biodiversity. A magical and preserved place, symbol of the natural wealth of Haute Corse.

The Marine Ecosystem in Scandola: A Jewel of Biodiversity in Haute Corse

The Scandola nature reserve, jewel of Haute Corse, is a sanctuary for marine fauna and flora. It is home to exceptional biodiversity, with a multitude of endemic and protected species. From dolphins to giant groupers, passing through red corals, the marine ecosystem in Scandola is of incomparable richness. Exploring its seabed is an essential experience in Corsica for lovers of the sea and nature.

Les Balbuzards in Scandola: Majestic Guardians of Haute Corse

An emblem of Corsican biodiversity, the osprey is a majestic bird that has taken up residence in the Scandola reserve. These one-of-a-kind raptors are renowned for their spectacular fishing technique, plunging into the water at high speed to catch their prey. It is a rare chance and a fascinating spectacle to observe these creatures in action. The presence of these ospreys is the sign of a healthy and preserved ecosystem, a real source of pride for Haute Corse. Nature lovers will not miss the opportunity to admire these kings of the air during an excursion to Scandola.

The Village of Girolata: An Ecrin Perched in High Corsica

The village of Girolata, in Haute Corse, is a marvel perched between sea and mountains. Only accessible by boat or by a hiking trail, it offers a timeless escape. Its houses with red tiled roofs, its small port with emerald waters and its imposing Genoese tower compose a picturesque picture, typical of Corsica. Here, we savor the gentle Corsican way of life, we taste the local products on a sunny terrace and we marvel at the exceptional panorama over the Gulf of Girolata. This village, classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is a gem of Haute Corse not to be missed.

To visit Haute Corse is to discover a land of contrasts and surprises, where nature reigns supreme and history is omnipresent. These three marvels are only a glimpse of the treasures that this region conceals. Let yourself be seduced by Haute Corse, a dream destination for all lovers of nature and discovery.