The three unmissable wonders of southern Corsica


Visit southern Corsica

If one had to reduce the wild and bewitching beauty of Southern Corsica to just three places, it would undoubtedly be a daunting task. Nevertheless, if you are planning a trip to this intoxicating territory, here are the three must-see wonders you shouldn’t miss.

The Calanques of Piana

Located on the west coast of southern Corsica, the Calanques de Piana are one of the region’s most dazzling landscapes. Sculpted by the wind and the sea, these red granite rock formations rise majestically above the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. The contrasts of colors, the singular shapes of the rocks, and the panoramic views make it an unforgettable experience.

Visit the Calanques de Piana by boat

If you want to live an unforgettable experience in South Corsica, then a boat tour of the Calanques de Piana is at the top of your list. The impressive red granite rocks, which plunge directly into the blue waters of the Mediterranean, offer a grandiose spectacle from the boat. You will navigate through unusual rock formations, discovering secret caves and hidden coves. In addition, the changing light throughout the day offers constantly renewed landscapes, making each outing at sea a unique moment.

The marine ecosystem in the Calanques de Piana

The marine ecosystem of the Calanques de Piana is another fascinating aspect of this marvel of southern Corsica. Home to incredible underwater biodiversity, the turquoise waters of the Calanques are a real paradise for divers. Here you will find a rich variety of fish, starfish, corals, sea urchins and other marine species. That’s not all, the seabed is also dotted with magnificent underwater rock formations, creating an underwater landscape as impressive as the Calanques themselves. An exploration of this marine ecosystem will enrich your visit to the Calanques de Piana, adding an extra dimension to the beauty of this exceptional site in southern Corsica.

The city of Bonifacio

Embedded in the extreme south of Southern Corsica, Bonifacio is a medieval city perched on a white limestone cliff, dominating the Mediterranean Sea. Its narrow streets, its white houses, and its picturesque port are a real spectacle for the eyes. In addition, Bonifacio is home to historical treasures, such as the King of Aragon staircase, a marvel in itself.

Visit Bonifacio by boat

Among the jewels of southern Corsica, the citadel of Bonifacio stands out for its unique location, perched on limestone cliffs bleached by the wind. But it is from the sea that the city takes on all its splendour. Visiting Bonifacio by boat is a memorable experience, where you will sail between vertiginous limestone cliffs and the azure blue sea. The unusual shapes of the coast, sculpted by erosion and time, as well as the view of the city’s fortifications, make this boat tour a must-see attraction in South Corsica.

The King of Aragon staircase

The staircase of Roy d’Aragon is another remarkable attraction of Bonifacio. Composed of 187 steps carved into the cliff, this spectacular staircase offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. According to legend, it was dug in a single night by the troops of the King of Aragon during the siege of the city in the 15th century. Whatever the truth of this story, the King of Aragon staircase remains a must for any traveler to southern Corsica. Climbing this staircase will not only give you an insight into the fascinating history of Bonifacio, but also a panoramic view of the sparkling blue sea and the spectacular cliffs of the region.

The Lavezzi Islands

Finally, an excursion to the Lavezzi Islands is a must in southern Corsica. This small, wild and preserved archipelago, accessible from Bonifacio, offers heavenly beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water, perfect for scuba diving. The main island, Lavezzi, is home to exceptional marine flora and fauna, and offers a walk around its impressive granite rocks.

Visit the Lavezzi Islands by boat

The Lavezzi Islands, an archipelago of small islets and reefs located between southern Corsica and Sardinia, are a top destination for those looking to discover the maritime beauty of the region. Accessible only by boat, the Lavezzi Islands are a real biodiversity reserve, home to a diverse marine fauna and flora. Visiting the Lavezzi Islands by boat is an adventure that will delight nature lovers and snorkeling enthusiasts.

During your visit, you will sail through a mosaic of islets with surreal granite shapes, bathed by crystal clear waters in shades of blue and green. You can stop on the fine sandy beach for a relaxing break, or dive into the waters to explore the marvelous seabed, populated by colorful fish and corals. This boat trip to the Lavezzi Islands offers a unique perspective on southern Corsica, far from the crowds and closer to unspoiled nature.

The fauna and flora of the Lavezzi Islands

A dive into the natural wealth of southern Corsica would be incomplete without exploring the fauna and flora of the Lavezzi islands. These jewels of the Mediterranean are the scene of a rich and varied biodiversity, both underwater and on land. A true natural sanctuary, the Lavezzi Islands are a paradise for lovers of fauna and flora.

Beneath the surface of the crystal clear waters that surround the archipelago, you will discover vibrant marine life. Colorful corals, luminous fish, crustaceans and starfish: each immersion offers a new spectacle. The Lavezzi Islands are also home to several species of seabirds that come to nest there, such as gulls and cormorants.

On land, the flora of the Lavezzi Islands is just as fascinating. Although the vegetation is mainly made up of Mediterranean maquis, a walking tour allows you to admire the endemic species of southern Corsica. The paths meander between juniper, rosemary and myrtle, offering an unforgettable fragrance and view. The Lavezzi Islands, a real jewel of unspoiled nature, are the ideal place to observe the fauna and flora of southern Corsica in all their splendour.

Each of these emblematic sites of southern Corsica offers a unique experience, revealing the natural and cultural richness of this Mediterranean territory. There is no doubt that these marvels will leave you with indelible memories of your stay in South Corsica.