Cruises departing from Porto

Cruises departing from Porto

Embark on the Pass’Partout, and visit the Scandola Nature Reserve, the Calanques de Piana and the Caves of Capo Rosso

Thanks to the seasoned maneuvers and the rich and varied comments of our captains, our wonderful Gulf of Porto will no longer hold any secrets for you.
You will also appreciate the comfort on board: shade or sun, the choice is yours, protection from the spray in the event of bad weather, spacious enough for an ideal photo shoot !

Conviviality guaranteed thanks to the low number of passengers (12 max). Specialist in cruises on the Gulf of Porto, the Pass’partout offers you a wide choice of services adapted to your desires, your time and your budget: Calanques de Piana and Caves of Capo Rosso, Nature Reserve of Scandola and Girolata.
Make this moment exceptional by embarking with Philippe, the child of the country. The rich and varied comments, supported by a few notes of humor, as well as the maneuvers of a seasoned captain will fully satisfy you.

Several choices of visit :
For those in a hurry: an essential visit, that of the Calanques de Piana and the caves of Capo Rosso, it will delight young and old (1h 30, 28 euros)

A must: visit the Scandola Nature Reserve, an almost obligatory visit during your visit to Porto (3h, 44 euros)

And finally, the complete tour of the Gulf of Porto: you do not deprive yourself of anything, you visit all the sites (4h, 58 €).

The Pass’Partout fleet includes 3 boats with a maximum of 12 places.

Voluntarily we wanted to work with low capacity boats in order to be able to provide quality services.

Why choose us rather than another company ?

  • Size of the boats: studied and built according to our wishes, these small boats have been designed in order to explore the sites in the most complete way possible. These Pass’Partout weave their way between the rocks and run along the coast as close as possible
  • Number of people transported : 12 people maximum / boat which allows: friendly visits, to be able to adapt to the needs of each, availability of the captains and to listen to the passengers.
  • The experience of our captains : Philippe, the local child, Joseph and Théo, loyal employees who have been sailing in our magnificent gulf for years.
  • Boat comfort : Small covered boats (rain, sun, spray protection), WC on board, ideal for taking photos because they are spacious enough.

We like to say about our boats: “All the comfort of a big boat in a small boat”.

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