Where to go in Corsica in 2023 ? A dream vacation !

Où partir en Corse en 2023 ? Des vacances de rêve !

Corsica, nicknamed the island of beauty, is a destination of choice for those looking to escape, explore and rejuvenate. Its varied landscapes, rich culture and tasty cuisine make it a jewel of the Mediterranean. If you are wondering where to go in Corsica in 2023, here are four must-see places not to be missed.

Calvi : The Jewel of the North

Located in the northwest of the island, Calvi is a destination that combines the splendor of the mountains with the beauty of the fine sandy beaches. Its perched citadel, with a breathtaking view of the bay, is a must. As for its lively nightlife and its famous music festival, Calvi on the Rocks, they will delight party lovers.

Pinède Beach: A haven of peace in Calvi

Nestled in the heart of the charming town of Calvi, Pinède beach is a true haven of peace, with fine golden sand. This four kilometer long stretch borders a turquoise and calm sea, ideal for swimming. Its name comes from the pine forest that surrounds it, providing significant shade in summer. The panoramic views of the Citadel of Calvi and the surrounding mountains add to its irresistible charm, making Pinède beach a Corsica must-see.

Water Sports in Calvi: Guaranteed thrills

In Calvi, thrill-seekers are not left out. The town is a water sports mecca in Corsica, with a variety of activities available to suit all tastes. Whether you are a fan of sailing, jet-skiing, scuba diving or paddleboarding, you will find what you are looking for in Calvi. The weather conditions and the unique natural setting of the region make this spot a privileged destination for nautical activities. In Calvi, the blue of the Mediterranean takes on a sporting dimension !

The Cabaret Chez Tao in Calvi: A memorable evening

To complete a day full of adventures, there’s nothing like an evening at Cabaret Chez Tao. Located in the Citadel of Calvi, this historic place is both a restaurant, a bar and a nightclub, offering an idyllic setting for lively evenings. The cabaret at Tao offers a varied musical program that will please everyone, ranging from live concerts to DJ sets. It is in this friendly and festive atmosphere that your holidays in Corsica take on their full meaning. At Tao, the Corsican night is lived with passion. Live happily today, tomorrow will be too late !

Porto-Vecchio : The pearl of the south

Porto-Vecchio is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Corsica. Renowned for its magnificent beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia, the city also offers a rich historical heritage with its old town and its Genoese fortifications. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the surrounding mountains and the Ospédale massif.

Palombaggia: A beach with turquoise waters

Among the treasures that Corsica has to offer, Palombaggia beach is undoubtedly one of the most captivating. Recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, it is easily identifiable by its crystal clear waters and its fine sand of a soft golden color. The shade of the umbrella pines provides a haven of coolness during the hot summer days. For snorkeling enthusiasts, the underwater life is full of wonders to discover, which makes Palombaggia a real paradise for nature lovers.

Santa Giulia : a lagoon in the Mediterranean

A little further south of Porto-Vecchio, the beach of Santa Giulia is another marvel of Corsica. Often compared to a lagoon, it is distinguished by its shallow waters, of a brilliant blue which contrasts with the green of the surrounding pine forest. This bay is also surrounded by pink granite hills, adding to the splendor of the landscape. Perfect for families, Santa Giulia beach offers ideal conditions for swimming and various water activities. With its spectacular setting and translucent waters, Santa Giulia is an essential stopover during your trip to southern Corsica.

Bonifacio: A city on the side of a cliff

Bonifacio, located in the extreme south of Corsica, is famous for its impressive white limestone cliffs. Visiting the historic center of the city, you will discover charming medieval streets and a breathtaking view of the sea. Don’t forget to take a boat to visit the Lavezzi Islands and their crystal clear waters.

Sea trips around Bonifacio: A wonder at every moment

The exploration of Corsica would not be complete without a sea trip around the sublime city of Bonifacio. With its white cliffs sculpted by the wind and the sea, this exceptional place offers breathtaking landscapes that are even more impressive when viewed from the sea.

Sea trips are an excellent opportunity to discover the hidden wonders of southern Corsica. Leaving from Bonifacio, you can, for example, head for the sea caves dug into the cliffs, including the famous Sdragonato cave. With its opening in the shape of a map of Corsica, it is an essential photographic stop.

Among other popular destinations, the Lavezzi Islands stand out. This small archipelago of islands and islets is a true haven of peace, with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, ideal for scuba diving.

During these walks, you may be lucky enough to spot the majestic dolphins frolicking in the waters of the Mediterranean. A natural spectacle that adds a magical touch to these sea excursions.

To set sail around Bonifacio is to offer yourself a total immersion in the exceptional natural heritage of Corsica. An unforgettable moment for all sea and nature lovers.

Moriani Plage: A paradise for nature lovers

On the east coast of Corsica, Moriani Plage is the ideal place for those who wish to enjoy the sea while being close to the mountains. Located at the foot of the mountains and on the edge of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Moriani Plage offers kilometers of golden sand and the possibility of beautiful hikes in the regional natural park of Corsica.

Merendella 4-star campsite in Moriani Plage: The quintessence of luxury camping

If you are looking for a place to combine nature, comfort and various activities during your stay in Corsica, look no further than the 4-star Merendella campsite in Moriani Plage. Located directly on the east coast of the Isle of Beauty, this resort offers top-of-the-range accommodation, just a few steps from the sea.

Camping Merendella offers a variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, ranging from comfortable chalets to modern mobile homes and ending with luxury lodges. All are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a relaxing and hassle-free stay.

But what really sets Merendella apart are its facilities and activities. Visitors can enjoy a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym and children’s play area. For those wishing to explore Corsica, the campsite also offers day trips. Without forgetting, of course, the direct access to the magnificent beach of Moriani with its beach restaurant.

However you choose to spend your time at the 4-star Merendella campsite by the sea, one thing is certain: this Corsican paradise will leave you with unforgettable memories.

No matter which destination you choose, Corsica will charm you with its natural beauty, its rich cultural heritage and its succulent gastronomy. The island of beauty is a destination that is discovered and rediscovered, always offering something new to explore. In 2023, don’t miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in Corsica.