Unforgettable trip: What to do in Bonifacio ?

Que faire à Bonifacio ?

Proudly dominating the white limestone cliffs which flow into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, Bonifacio, the city of cliffs, is an essential destination for all lovers of Corsica. Here are some of the must-see places not to be missed when visiting Bonifacio.

The citadel of Bonifacio: a journey through time

Overlooking the city and offering a breathtaking view of the sea, the citadel of Bonifacio is a real journey back in time. With its cobbled streets and old stone houses, this historic district is a jewel of medieval architecture. Exploring the citadel will allow you to discover the rich and fascinating history of Bonifacio, as well as enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of the sea.

The port of Bonifacio: a Mediterranean atmosphere

The port of Bonifacio is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere. With its many restaurants and cafes, you can enjoy fine local cuisine while admiring the luxury yachts that moor in the port. A stroll along the quay will take you to the marina, where you can admire an impressive fleet of sailboats and traditional fishing boats.

The cliffs of Bonifacio: a breathtaking natural spectacle

Nothing prepares you for the majesty of the cliffs of Bonifacio. These limestone formations, eroded by the wind and the sea, are a breathtaking sight. A boat trip is the best way to admire these cliffs, which rise almost 70 meters above the sea. You can also discover the sea caves carved into the cliffs, which offer a fascinating natural spectacle.

The Lavezzi Islands: a paradise for diving enthusiasts

A few nautical miles from Bonifacio, the Lavezzi Islands archipelago is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. These islands, classified as a nature reserve, are home to an incredibly rich marine life, with colorful corals, schools of fish and even shipwrecks. A trip to Bonifacio would not be complete without a day spent exploring these crystal clear waters.

The King of Aragon staircase: a challenge to be met

The King of Aragon staircase is a must for any visitor to Bonifacio. Carved out of the cliff, this staircase of 187 steps leads to a source of fresh water at the foot of the cliffs. The descent (and the ascent!) is a real challenge, but the stunning sea views are worth it.

Boat trips in Bonifacio :

And for those who aspire to discover Bonifacio from another angle, a sea trip is highly recommended. Embark on one of the many boats departing from the port and let yourself be guided through the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. As you explore, admire the famous limestone cliffs of Bonifacio that rise majestically from the sea and immerse yourself in the beauty of the sea caves.

Beyond the city, the Lavezzi Islands, not far from Bonifacio, are a must. They offer a true paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, with their clear waters sheltering a rich and diversified marine fauna. A sea trip in Bonifacio is an unforgettable moment that will allow you to embrace all the splendor of this Corsican jewel from the sea.

Boat trips from Bonifacio to the Maddalena Islands :

Sea trips from Bonifacio to the Maddalena Islands are an experience that cannot be missed for anyone visiting this part of Corsica. The turquoise waters that surround these islands, added to their rich history, make them a must-see.

Sail from Bonifacio to the Maddalena Islands, an Italian archipelago of seven main islands and numerous islets, known for their pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. This maritime excursion will give you the opportunity to explore hidden coves, dive into the sea to observe a variety of colorful fish, or simply relax on the deck of your boat, lulled by the gentle Mediterranean.

Along the way, you’ll pass stunningly beautiful spots like the Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve, offering panoramic views of the spectacular Corsican coastline and its impressive rock formations. The richness of the seascape between Bonifacio and the Maddalena Islands makes this sea excursion a real adventure that will leave you with indelible memories.

Bonifacio is a treasure of the Mediterranean which stands out for its historical richness, its breathtaking natural beauty and its undeniable charm. Every corner of the city offers a new sight to admire, a new experience to live. Whether venturing into the depths of the citadel, strolling around the bustling port, admiring the astonishing majesty of the cliffs or diving into the clear waters of the Lavezzi Islands, you will not fail to fall under the spell from Bonifacio.

When planning your next trip, don’t forget to include Bonifacio in your itinerary. It is a destination that we are sure will leave you with unforgettable memories. Bonifacio, the city of cliffs, is a real pearl of Corsica just waiting to be discovered.