Ajaccio: a pearl of tourism to explore


Visit Ajaccio

Ajaccio, the imperial city of Corsica, attracts thousands of visitors every year. With its authentic charm, its rich history and its breathtaking beaches, Ajaccio is the ideal starting point for a stay on the Island of Beauty. Discover all there is to see and do in Ajaccio.

Immerse yourself in history at Maison Bonaparte

Visiting Ajaccio without stopping at the Bonaparte house would be a mistake. This residence, which saw the birth of Napoleon Bonaparte, is today a national museum retracing the history of the Bonaparte family in Ajaccio. A real dive into the past, you will discover the life of this emblematic figure of French history.

The Palais Fesch: an unmissable art museum

The Palais Fesch, Ajaccio’s fine arts museum, is another place not to be missed. It houses the second largest collection of Italian paintings in France, after the Louvre. The works of great masters such as Titian and Botticelli are exhibited there, giving Ajaccio a remarkable artistic and cultural dimension.

Stroll to the Ajaccio market

For a total immersion in the Ajaccio culture, go to the central market of Ajaccio. The scent of herbs from the maquis, Corsican cheeses, sun-kissed fruits and vegetables: all the local products are brought together to delight your taste buds. This is the perfect opportunity to taste Corsican specialties and buy local products.

The heavenly beaches of Ajaccio

Ajaccio is also famous for its magnificent beaches. The beach of Saint-François, located in the city center, or the beach of Ricanto, further away, are ideal for a day of relaxation under the Corsican sun. The crystal clear waters and fine sand are the perfect setting for a picnic or a tanning session.

The coast of Ajaccio, dotted with coves and dream beaches, is also an ideal playground for a sea kayaking or paddleboarding excursion. These activities allow you to discover the crystal clear waters of Corsica at your own pace.

Ajaccio Cathedral

The Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral is another marvel of Ajaccio. This baroque cathedral, where Napoleon Bonaparte was baptized, is worth a visit for its impressive architecture and spiritual atmosphere. Do not miss to discover the frescoes inside.

Gourmet dinner in Ajaccio

To end your day in style, treat yourself to a meal in one of Ajaccio’s gourmet restaurants. From traditional Corsican cuisine to Mediterranean flavors, the starred chefs of Ajaccio will delight you.

Unforgettable sea trips around Ajaccio

Ajaccio offers a multitude of opportunities for maritime excursions. You cannot say that you have truly visited Ajaccio without having explored the wonders that surround the city by sea.

A popular choice for visitors is the discovery of the Sanguinaires Islands. This small archipelago, located at the entrance to the Gulf of Ajaccio, is a true jewel of nature. Boats depart from the port of Ajaccio daily for a cruise around these islands. The sunset over the Sanguinaires Islands, with their red rocks contrasting with the blue of the sea, is a breathtaking sight.

Unforgettable sea trips around Ajaccio in Bonifacio

One of the incomparable pleasures of a stay in Ajaccio is undoubtedly the possibility of setting sail for memorable sea trips, leading to the majestic Bonifacio.

The trip begins with an exit from the port of Ajaccio, with a breathtaking view of the citadel and the gulf, before heading south towards Bonifacio. This route allows you to follow the west coast of Corsica, offering sumptuous landscapes where the turquoise hues of the sea, the steep cliffs and the white sand beaches mingle.

Going past the Iles Sanguinaires, this archipelago of four reddish islets, is an indelible experience. Do not miss the magnificent spectacle of the sunset over these rocks, which stand out proudly against the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

The highlight of this sea excursion is of course Bonifacio, with its citadel perched on a white limestone cliff overlooking the sea. The arrival by sea offers a breathtaking view of the city and its famous cliffs. Once at the quay, take the time to stroll through the medieval streets of Bonifacio to end this day rich in discoveries in style.

Scandola Nature Reserve

Another maritime getaway not to be missed: the Scandola nature reserve, accessible only by boat. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is recognized for its exceptional biodiversity and spectacular rock formations. A cruise around Scandola will give you a natural spectacle of rugged beauty.

The city of Ajaccio is a multifaceted destination. Whether you are a history buff, art lover, gourmet or nature lover, Ajaccio has everything to seduce you.