Unique court in Corsica

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Corte and La Restonica

A sublime place of intact and preserved nature. Clear torrents like you have never seen or imagined, a timeless place, emerald green water, here are the Restonica gorges.
Bathing place very popular with holidaymakers and locals for its deep basins like natural pools, its large granite rocks to lie in the sun or take a jump.
River activities, hiking, climbing, you can enjoy all the advantages offered by this unique place in Corsica.

The lakes

The lake region is unique in Corsica.
The Alivetu campsite thanks to its location allows you to access all the hikes in Cortenais, Venacais, Bozziu, the Ascu and Niolu valleys, you will find breathtaking landscapes. By the RESTONICA road, whose entrance is 300 meters from the campsite, you will reach more than seven lakes of glacial origin including Melo, Capitello, Goria, Oriente, the small lakes of Cavacciole and Scapuccioli , the two lakes of Renoso.


In the center of the island, Corte was the capital of independent Corsica in the middle of the 18th century.
It still bears, with singular intensity, the mark of its former greatness.
A historic and university town, Corti is built around its Citadel which dominates from its “Eagle’s Nest” the valleys of the Restonica and Tavignanu rivers.
At the confluence of the granite massif of the west and the schistose alpine chain of the east, it is a real natural lock between the Below and the Beyond of the mountains.
The richness and diversity of its nearby mountain area offer a multitude of faces for the walker.
Since 1997, Corte has housed the Regional Museum of Anthropology of Corsica, a sanctuary of island culture and heritage.