15 days in Corsica: An unforgettable roadtrip itinerary on the island of Beauty

Road Trip en Corse en Famille

Imagine an island paradise where golden sunshine bathes vast wild landscapes, where the sea glistens beneath mountain peaks, where historic villages huddle on verdant hills – welcome to Corsica. This Mediterranean jewel, often called “the Island of Beauty”, is the dream of any roadtrip enthusiast. In this article, we offer you a 15-day itinerary through the natural and cultural wonders of Corsica.

Days 1-2: Centuri

Start your adventure in Corsica with the picturesque village of Centuri. Its charming cobbled streets and its typical fishing port will instantly immerse you in the Mediterranean atmosphere of the island.

Days 3-4: Patrimonio

Your next stop is Patrimonio, renowned for its wines. Take the time to visit some of the many vineyards for a tasting of Corsican wines.

The vineyards of Patrimonio

Corsica is not only famous for its sandy beaches and stunning mountainous landscapes, but also for its sublime wines. Thus, your journey then takes you to Patrimonio, the wine epicenter of the island, nestled in the hollow of green hills. The winding road through the vineyards is a real pleasure for the senses, where every turn reveals a new panorama of orderly rows of vines against the backdrop of the sparkling sea.

The richness of the terroir and the generous sunshine of the Patrimonio region make it possible to produce exceptional wines, ranging from powerful reds to delicate rosés, including aromatic whites. Several wine estates open their doors to you for tastings, allowing you to appreciate the diversity and quality of Corsican wines. Do not miss the Muscat du Cap Corse, a natural sweet wine that is the pride of the region.

Between tastings and walks in the vineyards, Patrimonio is an essential stop on your roadtrip in Corsica. A stay that promises to be as rich in flavors as it is in discoveries.

Days 5-6: Calenzana

Direction Calenzana, starting point of the famous GR 20. Even if you do not plan to walk on this path, the city itself and its surroundings are worth a visit. The visit to Calenzana, a small village in Haute Corse nestled on the edge of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, gives you the chance to start one of the most legendary hikes in the world: the GR20. Although the GR20 is not to be taken lightly and requires a certain level of preparation and physical condition, you can nevertheless taste its atmosphere by carrying out the first stage.

Departing from Calenzana, the route takes you through wild landscapes of incomparable beauty, between fragrant maquis, oak and chestnut forests, and mountain peaks. It is a real immersion in inland Corsica, far from the tourist crowds of the beaches.

At the end of this first stage, you will reach Ortu di u Piobbu, the first refuge of the GR20. Even if you decide not to spend the night in this simple but welcoming refuge, the panoramic view of the Gulf of Calvi it offers is absolutely unforgettable.

Discovering Calenzana and venturing on the GR20, even for a short time, will give you an authentic insight into mountain life in Corsica, adding a dimension of adventure and challenge to your 15-day roadtrip.

Days 7-8: Moriani Plage

After the mountain, it’s time for the beach ! Moriani Plage, with its long stretch of sand and azure waters, is the perfect place to relax by the sea in Corsica.

Day 9: Ghisonaccia

A short drive takes you to Ghisonaccia, a paradise for nature lovers. Between sea and mountains, you will have the opportunity to go hiking, mountain biking or even horse riding.

Days 10-11: Porto

The village of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is your next destination. You will discover impressive landscapes and exceptional natural sites such as the Scandola nature reserve.

Days 12-13: Porto Vecchio

Then head to Porto Vecchio. The “upper town” offers stunning sea views, while the beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia are must-sees.

Day 14: Bonifacio

The roadtrip continues in Bonifacio, the southernmost town of Corsica. Stroll through the old town, explore the citadel and admire the white limestone cliffs.

Bonifacio cliffs by boat

Before concluding your trip, one last jewel of Corsica awaits you: the limestone cliffs of Bonifacio. These cliffs, cut by the waves and the wind, plunge vertiginously into the Mediterranean Sea, offering a breathtaking spectacle of nature.

Embark on a boat trip that will allow you to discover these stone giants from a unique angle. Along the water, observe the incredible palette of blues of the sea, which contrasts with the dazzling white of the cliffs.

During your walk, you will have the opportunity to explore the famous Grotto of Saint Anthony, accessible only by boat. It is an impressive natural spectacle, with hanging stalactites and crystal clear waters.

From the sea, Bonifacio presents itself in a different light, its houses seeming to be suspended above the void, perched on the cliffs. The panorama is both striking and memorable.

This boat trip around the cliffs of Bonifacio is an opportunity to capture one last time the wild splendor and the incredible diversity of Corsica. It’s an unmissable experience that perfectly complements your 15-day roadtrip on the Isle of Beauty.

Day 15: Sartene and Pianotoli

To end in style, visit Sartène, the “most Corsican city of Corsican cities”. Then, take a detour to Pianotoli, a quiet little village, before concluding your unforgettable road trip in Corsica.

The Caténacciu of Sartene

As your road in Corsica takes you south, you arrive at Sartène, a town perched on a rocky promontory, a true epicenter of island culture. If your trip coincides with Holy Week, you will have the unique opportunity to attend an age-old tradition: the Caténacciu ceremony.

Literally “the chained man” in Corsican dialect, the Caténacciu is the reconstruction of the Passion of Christ, a solemn and intense procession that crosses the medieval town of Sartène every Good Friday. An anonymous man, the penitent, wears a heavy wooden cross and an iron chain attached to his ankle, retracing Jesus’ path of suffering.

The atmosphere is electric as thousands of spectators watch this procession under the stern gaze of the granite houses of Sartène. Drums echo through the night air, adding to the dramatic intensity of the ceremony.

Attending the Caténacciu de Sartène is an immersive experience in Corsican culture, a highlight that marks your roadtrip on the island of beauty. It’s a unique opportunity to capture the deep soul of Corsica, beyond its breathtaking landscapes.

With this 15-day itinerary, you will discover all the diversity and beauty that Corsica has to offer. Whether you are a nature lover, a wine lover or a history buff, this Mediterranean island is sure to seduce you.